About us

Welcome to House of Imaging

  • House of Imaging (HOI) was established in Sept-2016 with state of the art diagnostic centre in the heart of the city Ahmadabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

  • The management team comprising of well qualified, experienced doctors, had absolute clear understanding of the key concerns facing the industry and also the actions required to be taken to address the challenges to bring value to both owners and potential investors. The agenda between the team clearly meant looking beyond mere survival to come up with a winning strategy and pave way for diversifying the business.

Leading change to support all hospitals and clinics to deliver accessible, affordable and necessary health care services. People can have a choice for quality healthcare and an integrated centre of excellence for clinical & wellness services, medical equipment & research.

To invest in and serve as a catalyst for ideas, enable high quality integrated healthcare, medical device, research and wellness by forming strategic partnerships. This will deliver exceptional customer experiences, affordable, sustainable person-cantered care, ultimately impacting every member of our society.

To provide tele-radiology services to the hospitals/clinics located at rural areas of India. To help associate doctors with expert connect 24/7 real time guidance, support, well equipped medical device and radiology services.

Our Values

Whether our staff, our faculty, our partners, or the health and health care workforce, we seek out, recognize, and value everyone's knowledge, experience, and input. We interact with everyone with a spirit of cooperation, a sense of humour, and the utmost respect.

Our health care practitioners strive to meet the patient with grace, kindness, acceptance, and spirit without condition, as love is life's most powerful healer.

We are an institute without walls, and together, we work as a cohesive unit with, common knowledge, common systems and unconditional teamwork. In all we do, we adhere to the principle of "all teach, all learn."

We believe that every system is perfectly designed to achieve the results it gets, and only through continuous innovation and improvement of systems we will make a difference in the quality of health and healthcare over the world.

We strive to have an organization that reflects the world we live in and embraces everyone in it, no matter where they come from, no matter what their point of view.

We work in the daylight. We tell the absolute truth about ourselves and our work, reporting both failures and successes with equal discipline to accelerate the learning on how best to improve.

The pace of change in health care is accelerating and we anticipate changes in our own work and respond as quickly as necessary to support the transformation of health care.

We take time to look back, as well as forward, to thank each other, and to take pride in what we do. We do this to ensure a vibrant and joyful workforce.